"A Political Party" Hoodie ∆


Jagwar Twin official "I Like to Party" Merch

"A Political Party" Orange Hoodie Design features a hunter orange hoodie with fuzzy white “flock printed” small letters on the front that read “A NEW DIRECTION AFFECTING THE STATE OF YOUR MIND”. This is meant to remind the wearer of a vision test. What is your vision? Is it truly yours? We can easily find ourselves inhabited by outside thoughts, feelings, and/or ideologies we believe to be good. Sometimes they are, but we need to define for ourselves what “good” is. Most people want to do good, and most people, no matter what kind of “party” they find themselves in, believe they are on the side of “good”. But if what we believe is “good” leaves us in a state of negative judgment, putting other individuals or groups of individuals down, casting them out like “they” don’t belong with “us”, then what we believe is not “good”. It’s something else... This hoodie may serve as a warning and reminder for the wearer. Both the Left and the Right sleeves feature black silkscreened attention grabbing graphics. The back features a fuzzy ghost-like “flock print” of Mother Mary bringing her left and right hands together above the text “Devil waking up to claim The Kingdom. People waking up to claim what’s in them. Heaven is within your heart, The Kingdom. You’re The Kingdom. You’re The King.”