"The Gate Of Attention" †


Jagwar Twin official "I Like to Party" Merch

"The Gate Of Attention" Black crew neck T Shirt

Design features a Young Woman, Crowned, and Throned, printed with purple silkscreen ink. She represents The Gate taking one from the consciousness of the earth plane to the dreamlike realm of the moon where visions come to life. The key to opening this Gate is discernment. Discernment isn’t knowing the difference between right and wrong, it’s knowing the difference between whats right and whats almost right. Many visions are told to us and it is up to us alone to discern truth for ourselves. The white graphics on the shirt are printed using a crushed velvet “flock printing” method to create a fuzzy texture and speak tactilely to the dreamlike state. It features the words “A New Direction Affecting the State of your Mind”, and the symbol of the Gate of Malkuth. Once The Gate is opened you will begin to see the machinery of the universe in violet light.